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K Composite For Iphone

K Composite For Iphone

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K Composite Magazine for iPhone

Quick Guide to K Composite Magazine for iPad

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"I love K Composite." –Ira Glass, This American Life

K Composite is a magazine of personal interviews with non-famous people.

The magazine investigates the lives of unknown personalities with the same attention, design and photography that is typically reserved for celebrities.

Hailed by NPR's Talk of the Nation, Chicago Tribune, Design Milk, Harper's and Rolling Stone.

K Composite for iPhone offers engaging, fun interviews a beautiful reading experience.

"K Composite is a sly concept where normal citizens are raised to the level of celebrity, while simultaneously, the notion of celebrity is deflated because only normal citizens are interviewed." –The Courier-Journal

What's New in Version 1.5

All issues are now FREE!

Access the menu and contents while reading an issue with a single tap anywhere on the screen.

Improved readability in the issue library.